Jul 22, 2011

Spotlight on... Diana Leventhal of K9 Photography!

Our very first "spotlight"!!!!  Yay!  I actually met Diana through facebook... gotta love the way you can connect to the entire photographic community there!!!  Separated by thousands of miles and several continents, we quickly became friends through our mutual love of photography and animals.  :)   Diana is an incredible artist, with a deep connection to her subjects.  Her work is bright and colorful and playful, and captures the personality of her adorable subjects in a way that just draws you right in.  I am always showing her latest work to my 11 year old son who is one of the biggest dog lovers I know... and it always elicits many ooohs and ahhhhs and giggles.  Another thing I truly admire is her work with local dog shelters... Diana volunteers her time to photograph shelter dogs to assist them in finding their forever homes!  What a wonderful, loving thing to do... something I may get involved with in my hometown as well.  Anyway... I just ADORE Diana and her work... I think you will too!

Name:   Diana Leventhal
Business name :  K9 Photography

                                                image by Life In Bloom Photography

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live on the Gold Coast in Australia.  It's a beautiful part of the world!  We are very fortunate because we have some of the world's most spectacular stretches of coastline and pristine beaches on one side and dense rainforest on the other side.

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from so many places, its hard to pinpoint it really.  I guess my images are born from a combination of the personality of the dog and the location I choose for that particular breed.

Describe your photography style:

 My photography style is very contemporary, timeless and very unpredictable! Dogs are so natural so when I capture an expression or a loving moment with their owners - my work is done!

How did you get started in photography?

 I've had a camera in my hand all my life however I only decided a couple of years ago to study photoimaging and make it a full time career! It's my passion and what I am meant to be doing.

Do you shoot professionally?  Describe what you do and why...

I've been shooting professionally now for only 12 months. I take on 2 to 3 clients a week so I can give my full attention to the quality of my post production work.

Whats in your bag, and whats the one piece of equipment you absolutely couldnt live without?

I'm a Nikon gal! I don't leave home without my D700 and my 24-70mm 2.8 or my 50mm! Dog treats, don't forget the treats!

What's your best post processing tip?

My best processing tip is keep it simple! Dogs don't need a whole load retouching. It also depends on the location. If its country I may lean towards a vintage look or if we are at the beach I may saturate things a little.

Was there even an "aha" moment when you knew you had found your photographic voice?

Yes! When I wasn't afraid to show people my work and my facebook fan page reached 1000.

What's your best advice for those just starting out in photography?

Learn your craft! Take your time and attend workshops. I have learnt that you never stop learning!


If you could spend your life doing anything you wanted with no financial concerns, what would it be?

Exactly what I'm doing right now! I was a legal secretary for 20 years and gave it all up to be a Dog Photographer! I'm living my dream.

Show us your very favorite image made by you...

Oh Gosh! That's hard.  You pick!!!  

Ok... I'll pick!  This image says sooooooooo much about the bond between dogs and people! Just incredible!

Thank you soooooo so very much Diana for contributing your images and your knowledge here on the blog!  Now go check out the rest of Diana's fabulous work at her website link above!!! 


Hayley said...

Awesome pics!!

Julie Monacella Photography said...

Wow! Great interview and I love her work! :) Can't wait for more posts, my friend.

sherry boles~ said...

Wonderful interview! (Yay, another Nikon gal...I didn't know that.)
I'm a fan of Diana's work too! I always enjoy seeing her posts on Facebook and admire her work in getting animals beautiful pictures to encourage their adoption.

Thank so much for sharing, Diana!!!

Kara Glenn said...

What a fabulous story on Diana. She truly is a unique & passionate person, which comes out in her style of photography. She' a great gal & her photos always make me laugh, ooh & ahh too & always look forward to seeing what she's been up to.

Cindy Harter said...

I love her work !!! Awesome pics ! Denise , I love this new blog ! I am so excited to check back to see what is here ! YEY!!!

Allison said...

What fun images! Makes me want to have a dog!! :)

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