Jul 21, 2011

create your own "designer" camera bag

I adore all of the pretty new camera bags that have come out in recent years, and I've owned a few of them too. But generally, they can be really expensive, and I get tired of them easily.  Also, I can be quite hard on them as well with all of the beach shooting that I do, and so I dont always like to carry an expensive bag. So, I've come up with a way to have a new bag pretty much whenever the urge strikes... I make my own!

Here's how:

If you go to B&H Photo's online store you can purchase an insert made by Tenba.

The insert will easily hold a DSLR with lens attached, two additional lenses or a lens and a flash, plus your cell phone, keys, etc. The best thing is when you are tired of the bag, or just want a change, the insert comes right out and slips into a new bag.  :)   Gotta love that!

1 comment:

Terry McKaig said...

I have an insert similar to this and I LOVE it!! It fits in up to 5 different purses I have so I can change easily and often!

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