Oct 16, 2011

Where on earth IS That Pixel Chick???

OMG has it really been over a MONTH since I last posted on here???  I am soooo sorry!  Things have been pretty crazy in my life - kids starting school (college & middle school -yikes!) a new job, sessions, and unfortunately the blog has suffered... but I promise I will try to do much better from here on out.  I have lots of ideas and not a whole lot of time these days but I will do my best to get on a good posting schedule.  If you have something you'd like to see or learn more about, or a session to share... PLEASE dont hesitate to get in touch with me!  I love to hear your ideas, and publish your favs!  In the meantime... here are a few favorite images from some of the sessions that have been keeping me busy lately!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

good to see you back. I hope the job is going well.

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